Namdapha Degree College

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Namdapha Degree College

  • Students of Namdapha Degree College, Miao are directed to have their own library card.
  • No students will be allowed to avail library facility without a valid ID card and library card. The cards are not transferable.
  • Students must be in proper uniform in order to avail the facilities of the Library.
  • Unauthorized removal of books, damaging books, stealing books, or misbehaving with the library staff will be considered an act of misbehaving, which will be called for strict action and a fine of Rs. 500/-.
  • Books must be returned on or before the given due date otherwise students will be charged a fine of Rs. 10 per day/book.
  • At the time of deposition of the late fine, the student must collect the money receipt for the payment made.
  • No mobile phones shall be brought to the Library.
  • Students are directed to adhere to the cleanliness of the Library.
  • Books will be issued and accepted only during the college/Office hours.
  • Outsiders are not allowed inside the library without the permission of the authority concerned.
  • Members should maintain silence in the library.
  • It is mandatory for all the members of Namdapha Degree College, Miao who are using facilities from the library shall follow the rules and regulations of the college.

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Upper Colony, Miao, Dist- Changlang, Arunachal
Pradesh, Pin- 792122, India.
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