Namdapha Degree College

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Namdapha Degree College

  • Students are required to enter the college campus by 8:45 am, and no students will be allowed to leave the campus once entered till the classes are over.
  • At Namdapha Degree College, Miao’s regular and punctual attendance is absolutely mandatory.
    • Monthly attendance and marks obtained during the internal assessment test and its the performance reports will be delivered to their parents by post.
    • The students are requested to note their attendance status and do their best to ensure the required percentage of attendance.
    • Students should submit their leave application well in advance or at least a day before the leave is required, except for medical emergencies.
    • Any Student if in a case needs to take leave for more than three days, he/she has to submit a leave application duly signed by their parents otherwise, the application will not be accepted. If going for a treatment, medical certificates must be produced afterward.
    • Any Students whose attendance is less than75%shall not be allowed to sit in the exam.
    • Attendance at common college events and specific co-and extra-curricular activities is mandatory and will be included in the overall performance.
    • The principal/ Faculty concerned shall announce the name of all the students who are not eligible to appear in the exam in the class.
    • Students are advised to appear in the weekly tests conducted in the college. If he/she fails to appear on the test, students shall not be awarded any internal marks.
    • Students who are absent continuously for a week or more will not be allowed to sit in the monthly test except for the cases of a medical emergency.
    • Cheating in any form during tests/exams will lead to the cancellation of the answer script.

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Upper Colony, Miao, Dist- Changlang, Arunachal
Pradesh, Pin- 792122, India.
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